On your computer
On your iPad or iPhone
About Loa Accounts
  1. Be sure your computer has Java.
  2. Click the link below for the version of LoaPost you want:
    Mac OSX
    Linux and UNIX
  3. Run the install wizard.
  4. Follow the prompts to get a LoaPost account.
  5. Get documentation for your operating system to find out how to set up your email software to use LoaPost.
    • Mac documentation
    • Windows documentation
    • Linux documentation
  6. Be sure LoaPost is running, and then send email!
  1. Be sure you have a Loa account (if you don't have one, see the "On your computer" paragraph to the left).
  2. Go to the app store and install LoaPost.
  3. Follow the in-app prompts to configure LoaPost and Mail.

You only pay once to use LoaPost on all your devices.

You use the same account for your laptop, your iPad, your iPhone, and your desktop. You use the same account at home and at work and on the road.

To get your Loa account, install LoaPost on your desktop or laptop by clicking the appropriate link on the left and letting our wizard step you through creating your account on that platform.

When you run LoaPost on any of your devices - desktop, laptop, iPad or iPhone - just sign in with the email address and password that you used to set up the account at first. You don't need a separate account.

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