How many people do you know who only use one computer, one physical connection, and one email address? Exactly: we don't know many people like that either.

When you send email from more than one location, anti-spam rules and mismatches between your sending client and the requirements of the ISP will often create email "out" problems. Typical solutions—expensive VPN clients or webmail—have obvious limitations, particularly for people with more than one email address.

We made LoaPost for ourselves, and it is now a low-cost product anybody can use. LoaPost is a small email server that runs on Windows, Macs, Linux, and iOS (iPhones, iPads, and late-model iPad Touches).

Once LoaPost is running, your email client points at it instead of at some external server. And because LoaPost is always there, your email client's troubles are pretty much over. You can send from anywhere, because you run your own machine, which talks to our SMTP servers.

LoaPost is a tiny utility that lets you send email from any internet connection anywhere.

Once it is installed, you don’t have to change your life at all. You can use whatever email software you prefer: Outlook, Mac Mail, Thunderbird … it doesn’t matter, but LoaPost will send your mail out through the Internet in a way that can’t be stopped by any but the most aggressive firewalls. And by “aggressive” we mean firewalls in secure places where you wouldn’t expect to be able to have much Internet contact with the outside world.

Find our more details about how LoaPost works in our free whitepaper.

LoaPost is particularly useful for laptops. Without LoaPost, when you travel from connection to connection, you never know what mail server to use to send mail. You often have to spend a lot of time fumbling around to find the address of an SMTP server that will let you connect and also send email. You never know from one trip to the next whether you will be able to send email when you are at your destination hotel, in a conference room or an airport lounge or using some other publicly available network. And as the number of malicious exploits around the Web increases, the problem is only getting worse: network operators are being forced to become more and more protective of their networks and block all outward bound mail.

But LoaPost works almost anywhere. If your network connection lets you surf the web, you can send email. This is because instead of a traditional email connection, it uses the same type of connection that secure Web pages use — and yet it allows you to use your favourite email environment.

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