How it works
One account, many devices
Getting a Loa account

When you use your iPhone and iPad to send email when you're not on your home network, you can run into email sending problems that will cost you money.

If you have all your email accounts on your iPhone or iPad and you have to use them a lot, all that sending and receiving can push your volume up over the limit and cost you a fortune.

This can get much more expensive when you're out of the country. Have a look at Traveling with iPad and iPhone for some tips about that.

LoaPost helps you reduce or eliminate roaming fees by using WiFi or a local cellular network.


LoaPost works something like a cell phone plan. Three different plans are available. Our wizard helps you choose a plan based on the volume of email you send.

Once you have a Loa account, you can run LoaPost on as many computers, phones, and iPads as you want: the same account works everywhere, even on devices not registered to you.

To use this account on your iPhone, iPad or iPod, simply download LoaPost from the iOS App Store and enter your ID and password. That's it!

You only pay once to use LoaPost on all your devices. You need only one account for your laptop, your iPad, your iPhone, and your desktop.

If you already have a Loa account, use the same email and password on your iPad or iPhone as you already use on your laptop or desktop.

To get a Loa account, install LoaPost on your desktop or laptop by clicking the appropriate link on our Get it! page and letting our wizard step you through creating your account on that platform.

When you run LoaPost on your iPad or iPhone, just sign in with the email address and password that you use on your laptop or desktop. You don't need a separate account.

LoaPost on iPhone and iPad....