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Does LoaPost work with Yosemite?


One important thing is different, though. The new version of Mail has a checkbox labelled "Automatically detect and maintain account settings". Be sure this is off, or LoaPost won't work:

I just installed a new OS on my Mac and now LoaPost doesn’t work. How do I get it to work again?

LoaPost is written in Java. Occasionally, the install of a new OS will "clobber" a Java applet and it will need to be re-installed. You should:

I just installed a new OS on my Mac and it tells me that I need a "Java SE 6 Runtime." What does that mean and what do I do?

LoaPost is written in Java. With Mountain Lion, Apple is no longer including the Java components that are needed to run LoaPost. When the error message says "Would you like to install one now?" just click on the Install button, accept the Java license, and you will automatically get the necessary software.

Does LoaPost for Mac work on Yosemite and Mavericks?


However, as with Mountain Lion, these new operating systems don't provide the Java runtime environment (JRE) by default. When you go to launch LoaPost (or any other Java application) for the first time, your Mac will ask you if you want to download and install Java — even if you are upgrading from a previous version of the OS that already had Java.

Some users have reported problems installing Java. Here are some things that could go wrong:

  1. Java install hidden: As with everything else important, your Mac will ask you if you really want it to install Java before it proceeds. On some Mavericks systems, this install window will hide behind other windows: it seems to go to the back of the stack of windows rather than to the front. When this happens, no matter how many times you click on a Java application, you don't see the install window because it is hiding from you. To avoid this we recommend closing all windows and quitting all other applications before you try to install Java.
  2. Failure to install Java: In a few cases, we have reports that nothing happens when the user double-clicks on LoaPost. In other cases, the installer will go partway through and crash. The solution to this seems to be to download the Java installer directly from and run it. Restarting your system before the install and quitting all applications seems to improve the reliability of the install.
  3. Security recognition: Java installs correctly, but when you try to run LoaPost, you get a message like "LoaPost can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer". This is the "not from the App Store" problem. By right-clicking on the LoaPost application and choosing Open, you will be presented with a dialog box that includes an "Open" option. Click on that and LoaPost will open. You only need to do this once. You can read a helpful discussion of this on this page. The discussion also shows a way to change this setting more generally by going to the security and privacy panel of System Preferences and changing the default settings. We don't recommend you set this general exception unless you understand the implications of the general exception. It has the potential to create unwelcome problems for you.

I use LoaPost on Windows, and your documentation tells me to set my SMTP (outgoing) port to Port 25. But my ISP blocks Port 25. How can I use your service?

When you tell your email software to send using ‘localhost’ and Port 25, that is a setting that is internal to your computer. LoaPost sends using a different port entirely (one of the Ports normally used for web browsing), so you will not be blocked.

I want to upgrade from Free to a paid subscription. How do I do that?

You can manage your subscription from within the LoaPost Preferences. Click on the Subscription tab and then on the Manage Subscription button. Once you enter your password, our wizard will lead you through the steps necessary to change your subscription.

Your instructions tell me to set my outgoing mail server to localhost but my email program doesn't recognize localhost as a valid address. What should I do?

Some versions of Windows or Linux want you to use instead of localhost.

How do I change my password?

Since three situations might cause you to want to change your password, we offer three ways to do it.

Why does LoaPost on the iPad and iPhone stop running after 10 minutes or less?

We know this isn't the way you (or we) would like it, but it originates in an Apple limit that we can't do anything about. LoaPost works by running in the background waiting for the Mail program to send mail using the server called "localhost." iOS, the iPad and iPhone operating system, places a limit of between 3 and 10 minutes on the amount of time that a program like LoaPost can stay running in the background. When LoaPost is about to be shut down by the operating system, it will put up a warning message. If you click on the message, it will continue running. Alternatively, if LoaPost has shut down you can start it again (you may or may not be required to sign in again), and then go back to sending messages.

My LoaPost is broken: no emails are coming in. What do I do?

We are sorry to say that LoaPost is only meant to help you to SEND mail. This is a surprisingly common question!

Before you get LoaPost, when you start having email send problems, it's tempting to fiddle with all your account settings. Many people do this, and completely break their email client. They then install LoaPost and sending suddenly works ... but receiving is still broken.

Also, many people don't realize that, when you travel, email will almost always come in as you move from connection to connection, but connections while travelling can be desperately slow. If someone sends you an email with a couple of pictures in and you are on a bus or ferry with WiFi, you might think your email is broken ... but in fact it's just "plugged up": waiting usually solves the problem. Of course, if you get impatient and start messing around with your email client's settings, you can easily ruin the client setup and prevent any email —  small or large —  from coming in. Also, some connections when you are travelling will block certain parts of the internet: for example, many WiFi connections on trains, planes, and boats will not allow connections from heavy-spam domains ... but you might accidentally be trying to get email from a banned domain (even if you don't realize the domain has been banned).

In short, though, we are "send specialists". Receive problems ... not so much. Sorry.

Sometimes when LoaPost is running on the iPad and iPhone, LoaPost shuts down when I try to send a message, leaving it in the Outbox and I need to log in to LoaPost again.

A few of us have encountered this behaviour when your iPad or iPhone has multiple entries for localhost in the list of OUTGOING MAIL SERVERS. This server list is accessible for any of your mail accounts within the SETTINGS of your Mail, Contacts, Calendars. When you view your OUTGOING MAIL SERVER, it will provide a PRIMARY SERVER, along with a list of OTHER SMTP SERVERS. If you see a duplicate entry for localhost, switch your device into airplane mode (so that it is temporarily taken off-line), then select the duplicate entry, change its name to something different (like localhost1), and then delete it.

Why won't LoaPost send mail on my Mac or PC?

We get a surprising number of support requests from people who don't realize that LoaPost has to be running to work. (We confess this always surprises us, but it is quite common!) If you want to send an email, you must be sure that LoaPost has started and that it has an Internet connection. You can't launch LoaPost, close its window or turn it off or tell it to quit, and then send email to it. You CAN, however, minimize LoaPost on Windows or hide it on a Mac. And, on both platforms, you can tell your OS to launch LoaPost automatically each time you boot your computer or log in. So before you send an email for a support request, please be sure LoaPost is running and connected to the Internet. That'll usually solve your problem.

Why doesn't my LoaPost "count" match the number of emails I send?

Two reasons:

  1. LoaPost counts sends rather than email titles. One email to three people is counted as three "sends". This is a measure to defeat spammers, who will abuse the CC and BCC fields to send huge volumes of email (you know what we're talkin' about here!).
  2. If LoaPost is interrupted during an email transmission, that email may be double counted.

Almost nobody ever reaches the limits on their LoaPost plans. If you do reach a limit, the next-larger plan is still very inexpensive.

I made a mistake entering my email address, so you sent a verification email to an email that I can't get. How can I to activate the account?

Just sign up again using your correct address. You will get an activation message at that address.

I share my computer with someone else. Do we need two copies of LoaPost?

Nope. You only need one copy of LoaPost. As many people as you allow to use your computer will be able to use Loa to send their email. In fact, you can use your account ID and password on as many copies of LoaPost as you want. We bill you by your activity level, so this is easy!

I was signed up for LoaPost on my Windows machine, and have now changed to a Mac. Can I continue to use Loa?

Yes. Just download the Mac version of LoaPost, install it on your Mac and sign in using the email address and password you were previously using. Of course, this also applies if you changed from Mac to Windows (which would really puzzle us, but hey!)

I have changed from using my previous email account to using another provider. Do I need a new LoaPost account?

No. Your old email address is what we use to identify your account, so you can continue to use it as the account name even though your email address has changed. In fact, you can use LoaPost to send email from any number of different email addresses, and your email recipient will see the From: address of the account you sent from. But remember that if we don't have a current email address for you, we can't send you service notices either!

I am having a problem getting LoaPost to work. Can someone help me?

Please send an email to Someone will get back to you very quickly to start a help dialog.

Sometimes mail I send takes several hours to be delivered. What's going on?

This happens rarely, but it is almost always the result of the behaviour of the destination email server. Some servers use a technique called "greylisting" (see, which can mean a destination server will delay email from servers they have never seen before. This means that the first few messages may be delayed, but (after the server "lets go"), all subsequent messages will be fine. Contact us if you think you are seeing different behaviour.

I want to send unsolicited email to several thousand recipients. Will Loa work for me?

No. LoaPost is not designed for mass emailing, and your terms of use specifically prohibit it. In fact, we monitor usage patterns and will immediately cancel accounts used for mass mailing, with no right of appeal from you.





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