1. Get LoaPost

    1. Download LoaPost and install the program as you would any other Windows application. You will go through the standard installation procedure asking you to agree to licensing agreements.
    2. On the installation screen check the box Run LoaPost.
    3. Before you can use LoaPost you must create an account. Click the Create New Loa Account button and follow the prompts. We only need a valid email account that will serve as your LoaPost account name and a password.
    4. Once you have finished setting up your account LoaPost will send an activation code to the email address used to set up your account and revert to the login window.
    5. Once you have received your activation code you can login to LoaPost. Under File/Preferences look on the Mail tab to ensure that the SMTP port is set at 25.

2. Configure Outlook 2010 to use with LoaPost

    1. In Outlook 2010 go to File/Account Settings.
    2. Select the account you want to use with LoaPost and click on Change.
    3. The outgoing SMTP server needs to be changed to localhost in order to use LoaPost. Please write down your current SMTP server name in case you need to change it back.
    4. Click on More Settingsā€¦
    5. Select the Advanced tab and set the Outgoing server (SMTP) to 25. Ensure that Use the following type of encrypted connection has been set to None, that your password and user name are blank, and SSL is off.
    6. Ensure that the LoaPost application is still up and running and send a test message using Outlook from the account that you just changed.

A common Outlook send error

Using Outlook, if you get an error something like:

Sending’ reported error (0x800CCC80): ‘None of the Authentication methods supported by the client are supported by your server'

... you most likely have a setting wrong. Find the checkbox labelled “My server requires authentication / use same as incoming” and be sure it is turned off.

With thanks to Loa customer James Billard.


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